Welcome to Troop 351

Troop 351 has developed the following pages to easily guide new Scouts and their parents through the process of signing up.  There is a lot of information to take in.  Luckily, we have a lot of time to explore and learn about scouting.

Getting Started:

Please take the time to read the following pages.  Resist the urge to explore the links inside the text of the letter until after you have completed this process.  Finish reading the following pages, then feel free to come back and explore to your heart’s desire.  This process should only take about 15 minutes.  If, at any time, you get confused with the process, please email our membership coordinator.

Scouts please review:

Parents please review:

It would be advantageous for the Scout and his parents to read the Code of Conduct Agreement together.  Finally you will be asked to fill in, print, sign and return a Signature Page.  Please return to the Membership Coordinator.