Welcome to the Tree Lot

Troop 351 Tree Lot

The tree lot is the way that Troop 351 raises almost all of its funds for troop activities.   Most other troops will sell popcorn or jerky at booths at local stores.


  • Help customers
  • Make sure every stand has a tree on it
  • Open trees by cutting the baling string every 3-4 wraps, pull off the string and put it in the garbage

Types of trees

  • Nobles   Our most popular tree.  They last the longest.   
    • Nobles have needles that only point up above the branch.
  • Grands   Second most expensive tree
    • Grands have needles that look like wings and a silvery tint to the underside of the needles
  • Douglas Firs  Least expensive tree.   Nice aroma but require careful watering.
    • Dougs have spindly needles that go all around the branch.


  • Pricing trees
    • We have measuring rods to determine the length of the tree.   Trees are measured to the top. Natural nobles are the only trees that are priced differently.
  • Receiving trees
    • It’s a 1-person job to price trees


  • Setup (8-12)
  • Morning (9-1)
  • Late morning (11-3)
  • Afternoon (1-5)
  • Evening (5-9)
  • Cleanup (6:30-10)

Special Shifts

  • Adult all day
  • Adult only 1-5

Shift Changes

2021 Tree Lot Training