Using Scoutbook Calendar

Adding a new calendar entry

There are multiple ways to access the calendar.

Starting from My Dashboard, click on Events:

The Events Menu will open up and you can go to Upcoming Events, My Calendar, Create Event, and so on.

Another way is to “Add Event” at the bottom of the monthly calendar.

Entering an event looks like this:

Almost always you’re going to want to pick 351 B and 351 G.

Click on Troop 351 B and you’ll see the checkmark.

You need to scroll down to see Troop 5351 G

Click on Troop 351 G and you’ll see another checkmark. Note that it says “2 selected”. Click Set.

Now you can edit your event. Note that it says Troop 351 B, Troop 5351 G at the top. For almost every event you’ll want to include both troops.

The next step is Invitees. For a Troop Meeting, Scoutbook will by default invite Leaders and Members (Scouts) but not parents. For other things, like Court of Honor, it will invite everybody.

Scoutbook allows you to set automatic reminders but these will go to everyone invited, regardless of whether they’re Yes, No, or Maybe.

Feature Assistant will let you send to just people who have responded Yes. Or responded No. Or didn’t do anything and are Maybe. But it’s not automatic.

Part of the 94 people invited

If you don’t set reminders in Scoutbook or do it manually with Feature Assistant, no emails will go out.

You can turn RSVP on and that will let people respond Yes or No and set the default to Maybe. It seems to make sense to use this only for things like campouts – we’re going to have a Troop Meeting regardless of how many people come.

RSVP is off by default
Click to turn it on.

Notice that this was for the Court of Honor and there are 146 people invited: all the Leaders, Scouts, and parents. Again, we’re going to have the Court of Honor at the scheduled time so it doesn’t make sense to have RSVPs.

Reminders will go out 2 and 7 days before CoH
The Description goes out in each email.

Press the red Save button to save.

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