Troop Talk

Food on campouts

  • Individual Cook: usually on backpacking trips. Each Scout is responsible for bringing his own food and water (or water-purifying equipment).
  • Patrol Cook: Patrols put together a menu for the camp-out and decide who’s going to cook. One or two Scouts buy the groceries. Each Scout is expected to contribute about $15 for groceries.
  • Troop Cook: Leaders and Parents cook for the whole troop.

Clothing options

  • Class A: full uniform, meaning shirt, pants/shorts, and kerchief
  • Class B: T-shirts, hoodies, or other casual clothing. Ideally scout or Troop 351 related.
  • Cotton Kills“: Wool insulates even when wet. Most manmade fibers dry quickly. Wet cotton doesn’t insulate when wet nor dry quickly. For many outdoor trips we encourage Scouts not to wear cotton.

Youth (Scout) Leadership

  • Senior Patrol Leader: commonly called SPL, this is the Scout leader for the Troop. They are elected by their fellow Scouts and serve a one-year term.
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader(s): ASPLs are selected by the SPL to help them
  • Patrol Leaders: a group of about 10 Scouts form a Patrol and they elect their leader. This is for a one-year term.
  • Assistant Patrol Leader: helps the PL and fills in when the PL is not available.
  • Quartermasters: responsible for upkeep of patrol or troop equipment
  • Troop Guides: older Scouts responsible for helping a younger patrol

See our current Scout leaders

Adult Leadership

  • Troop Committee
    • Committee Chair: head of the Troop Committee
    • Treasurer: collects dues, pays bills of Troop
    • Advancement Chair: tracks progress towards rank and Merit Badges
    • Friends of Scouting Chair: raises money for Council, who owns campgrounds and other facilities that Scouts use
    • Membership Chair: processes applications for youth and adults
    • Camping Chair: helps arrange for outings, especially summer camp
    • Training Chair: tracks adult trainings
    • Secretary: keeps records of meetings
  • Scoutmaster
  • Assistant Scoutmasters
    • Help guide Patrols
    • Provide expertise in rafting, climbing, shooting, etc.

See our current Committee Members and Scoutmasters.

For information on Scout ranks, see Advancement.