SPL Elections


  1. SPL candidates must be troop members in good standing.
  2. Scouts running for SPL must be First Class rank or above.
  3. Scouts may not serve multiple terms as SPL within Troop 351.


  1. Entire troop (boys and girls) in attendance at SPL election meeting will elect a single boy SPL and a single girl SPL
  2. 50% + 1 vote is required to win the SPL election.  If 50%+1 is not achieved, the top 2 recipients will be voted on again in a run-off.
  3. SPLs will appoint ASPLs proportionately by gender makeup of the troop
  4. SPLs will appoint additional leadership positions (scribe, webmaster, historian, quartermasters, etc..)

Length of Term

SPLs are elected for a 1 year term.  All other leadership positions are 6 month terms.