Sending messages based on RSVP status

Feature Assistant

Something that can be a big help with Scoutbook is Feature Assistant, which is an extension for Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Vivaldi, Brave, Microsoft Edge) or Firefox.   Adding it gives Scoutbook additional powers.

For example, Scoutbook will let you schedule many reminders that go out automatically.   But they go out to everyone invited, regardless of what their status (Yes/Maybe/No) is.  This seems unfair – if a parent RSVP’s No, we shouldn’t send them more notices.

Feature Assistant allows for selecting people invited to an event by status.   So you can message only people who are going.  Or only people who haven’t RSVP’d.   This is a manual process but it’s very easy.   So standard procedure might be to invite people 2 Troop Meetings before an event.   Then every 3 or 4 days, message only the people who didn’t respond.   After the Troop Meeting immediately before the event, “Maybe” people could be turned to “No”.   Or RSVPs could be turned off.  Or both.   

Messages could be sent only to the people who are going.   Maybe there’s special requirements or people are leaving at a certain time.

Messages sent to “Maybe” people could mention that responding “Yes” or “No” will stop reminders.