Send Money to the Troop

To send money to the troop (either dues or Hawaii or other):

If it’s a check, make it out to TROOP 351


1)     Bring it to a Troop meeting.

2)    Mail it to 4708 SE 30th, Portland, OR 97202

3)     Drop it in the Bensons’ mail slot.  (Their slot is next to the garage.)

4)     Take it to the nearest Chase Bank.  Deposit it into Account #985197813, called 

“BSA Troop 351”.  Keep your receipt.

5)     Use your bank account (or credit card?) and deposit the money directly into the 

Troop’s account using Quick Pay with Zelle and the email

         I’m not 100% sure how to get there – maybe go to or maybe 

go to

6) Bring cash to a Troop meeting.
Please email me if need be (it’s not working or whatever).  My email is