Scoutbook Background and Usage

Scoutbook is a program that was started by a Troop, then was eventually acquired by BSA. There are a few other competing programs but BSA is solidly behind Scoutbook. About every week, there are new versions released with improvements and bug fixes.

Probably the best thing about Scoutbook is the forum for it, with sections dedicated to helping do things, report bugs, etc. Replies are rapid and helpful, even if it’s sometimes telling you that no, Scoutbook can’t do that.

There are several levels: Parent, Scout Leader, Patrol Admin, and Troop Admin.

Parents are able to change information about address, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. They can also mark things as completed on the rank and merit badge level. Having most or all parents doing this would take some of the data entry load off the leaders of the troop. And ideally it gives parents a sense of involvement, that they’re marking it as completed once the Scoutmaster or Merit Badge Counselor has signed off on it.

Scout Leaders who are SPL’s, ASPL’s, Scribes, Troop Guides, or Webmasters are able to keep attendance. It’s unclear what other capabilities they have.

Patrol Admins are able to do the same changing and adding information as parents but for every Scout in every patrol that they are connected to.

Troop Admins are able to do this for everybody, including adding, changing, or removing roles in Scoutbook. Right now there are 8 Troop Admins although only a few actively use it. Troop Admins can run reports on the whole troop, do data entry for the whole troop, etc.

Scoutbook syncs automatically with the national BSA database, meaning that all new ranks, merit badges, camping trips and so on are already entered.

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