Portland Scout Troops for Girls

5069PortlandRotary Club of Portland Pearl 69
5071PortlandPiedmont United Presbyterian 71
5117PortlandRose City Park United Methodist117
5120PortlandPortsmouth Trinity Lutheran120
5144MilwaukieAmerican Legion Post 180 ?
5229PortlandWest Portland United Methodist229
5339PortlandLeedy Grange 339?
5351Portland, MilwaukieSt. Ignatius School351
5419TigardSt. Anthony School419
5592PortlandValley Community United Presby592
5714PortlandOur Lady of Lavang Parish714

The software that BSA (Boy Scouts of America) uses was designed to just handle boys. All or almost all Troops keep the original number for the boys’ troop and add a 5 in front for the girls’ troop.

Troops 351 and 5351 meet at the same time, share some adult and youth positions, and do almost everything together.

There are more troops in the Portland area that are just for boys.

About Troop 351