Welcome to Troop 351/membership

Troop 351 is proudly sponsored by St. Ignatius Parish. Troop 351 welcomes for membership all youth and adult volunteers who embrace the values set forth by Boy Scouts of America, the Archdiocese of Portland and St. Ignatius Parish. All races, religions, sexual identities or any other minorities are welcome; who embrace the values held and taught by the Boy Scouts of America and the Catholic Church.

Adult Parent/Guardian

  1. Turn in your scout’s completed application along with the $75 annual membership fee (subject to change). Youth membership in the troop is open to all youths who agree to abide by the Boy Scout Oath and Boy Scout Law. The requirements for a youth to join Boy Scouts are that he be at least eleven (11) years old, or completed fifth grade, or earned the Arrow of Light as a Cub Scout. Each youth joining Troop 351 must submit an official Boy Scouts of America (BSA) registration form, completed and signed by a parent or guardian, along with troop dues.
  2. Go to and take your Youth Protection training, this is required.
  3. Turn in your scout’s medical form, A & B – this must be done before their first campout. Form C before summer camp
  4. Register with Troop 351 Yahoo group page. This is the troop’s and your way of communicating when not at a meeting.

Adult Membership/registered adults (volunteering with the troop)

                  Merit badge counselor, committee position and assistant scoutmaster.

Adult membership in Troop 351 is open to all parents or guardians of youth members, members of St. Ignatius Church, and other persons interested in serving the youth of the troop.

The applicant must possess the moral, educational, and emotional qualities that the Boy Scouts of America deems necessary to afford positive leadership to youth. The applicant must also be 18 years of age and abide by the Scout Oath and the Scout Law.

  1. Adult application along with the $25 annual membership fee. This application requires a background check. (annual fee is subject to change yearly)
  2. Further BSA training as stated below is highly encouraged, but not required.
    1. This is Scouting
    2. Fast Start (some positions have fast start that is position specific)
    3. Troop Committee Challenge (for committee members)
    4. Hazardous Weather
    5. Physical Wellness
    6. Trek Safely
    7. Safe Swim
    8. Safety Afloat
    9. Climb On Safely