Leadership Committee


At the monthly meetings, the TLC plans the meeting and campout agendas under the supervision of the Scoutmaster or his designate. The Scoutmaster and other adults sit at a separate table during the TLC meeting. They have their own discussions and may agree to ask the TLC to include certain things in their plans.  The Scoutmaster or his designate has the final decision and will talk to the TLC. The TLC and SM will always be most concerned with advancement for the least advanced Scouts.  They must come up with a balanced program for TFC and older boys. Older Scouts need merit badge classes, leadership positions and other opportunities besides teaching TFC skills.  They
may make plans for separate campouts, high adventure activities, a split campout where they camp separately from the TFC, a split meeting where they may go for an activity away from St. Ignatius.  These are at the discretion of the Scoutmaster.  If Scouting is not fun for the older boys we will lose them.