Join Troop 351

We welcome potential scouts and their parents to attend a meeting and see what the troop is like.

Parents have many different reasons for wanting their children to become Scouts: enjoying the outdoors on camping trips or summer camps, making new friends, learning new things, becoming a leader to other Scouts, and so on.

Please check the calendar page to make sure there’s a Troop Meeting on the Tuesday night you want to come.

You can also email the web team.

Protecting your child is an important responsibility. Adult leaders are required by the Cascade Pacific Council to complete Youth Protection Training (YPT) every year. Troop 351 goes further and requires all adults who might drive, work on the tree lot, etc. to complete this training. The goal is to prevent all kinds of abuse including physical and bullying

All adult leaders have their background checked before they’re able to become a leader.

Direct communication from adult leaders to Scouts or Scouts to adult leaders must always include a second adult, usually a parent.