How to edit Eagle’s Nest page

The Eagle’s Nest page is made up of headings for the year and tables for the Scouts and their projects.

Enter the year you’re adding. Select the text, then press the paragraph symbol and select heading.

Go to the latest year, put the cursor in front of it, and hit return.

Use H3 for the heading type.

Hit return again.

Pick /t to bring up table

Enter 2 columns – 1 for the Scout’s name, 1 for the project – and 1 or more rows for the number of Scouts.

Enter names and projects. If you don’t know the project, find out. Put the name of the project in with a link to the website where the project was done or who it benefitted.

The table looks best with “Stripes” selected but it’s hard to edit so switch to “Default” when editing and switch back to “Stripes” before publishing.