How to do a Post

With WordPress, the main difference between posts and pages is that posts will go on the front page in reverse chronological order (newest first) as an item while pages need to be linked from a menu or a link of some sort.

You need to know the approximate time and location of the event. You need a link to a Google photo album. You’ll do two things with that link: one, you’ll put the link into the post. Second, you need to pick one photo to represent the event. Probably it’s a group photo but maybe there isn’t one or maybe you want to change things up a bit.

You probably want to wait for 2-3 days after the event for photos to be uploaded to the Google Photo Album. If you didn’t go on the event, talking to people who did at the next Troop Meeting gives you a chance to get more information.

Log into WordPress

On the right, there’s a menu. Put your pointer over Posts and select Add New

You start with a title, something like “Camporee 2022 at Fort Vancouver”.

You should start with a description of the event. Start typing at the “Type / to choose a block”

After you’re done with the description, hit “/” and select “Image”. Pick “Insert from URL” and give it the location of the Google Photo you want featured.

Next add something like “More pictures” and select that with your pointer.

Click on the

to make it a link and paste the location of the Google Photo album

Press “Publish” in the top right and double-check your settings. Then press “Publish” again to make it go live on the website.

How to do a Page