Health Record Report

After logging into Scoutbook, click on Troop Reports

Select Report Builder Manager:

Click on the Shared Reports tab

Click the Run button on “Health Record Report”

After a second or two, you should see:

You can download a PDF file. Today the Portrait mode one takes 2 pages, the Landscape 3.

The Pivot view is like the Portrait PDF and is easier to look at online.

At this time, there is not a way to mail everyone who needs to renew their Health Record.

Viewing the report online, you are able to click on the name of the Scout and it will open their record in Scoutbook in another tab. You can’t message them directly from that page but you can click on one of their parents and see that record. It will show their email. You can cut-and-paste that into a message telling them that they need to get their Health Record updated. You can then close that tab and select the next Scout on the report.