Forms for Scouts and Parents

There are a variety of forms that need to be filled out.


For Scouts, we need an application form. We have these printed out and you can fill one out in person after you’ve attended a meeting or two and know that Troop 351 is for you. You can also print it out at home and bring it to a meeting.

For short campouts lasting less than 72 hours, BSA allows the use of the AB medical form (PDF). Parts A & B can be completed by a parent or guardian for their Scout.

For campouts over 72 hours, like summer camp, BSA requires the ABC medical form (PDF). Parts A & B are for parents or guardians but part C must be completed by a medical professional. The form is valid for a year.

Many insurance programs provide for an annual wellness visit. Most Scout families get in the habit of taking the ABC medical form with them. Other opportunities include bringing it along to physicals for sports or visiting clinics for students at local high schools. You don’t have to go to one of those schools to use their clinic.

Dues are $175/year for Scouts.


We would love to have you join us as an adult leader. We have Assistant Scoutmasters who teach skills at meetings and campouts. To support the troop we have people as Treasurer, Secretary, Camping Chair, Advancement Chair, and other roles.

To join as an adult leader, we need an adult application form. We have these available at meetings or you can print it out at home. Part of the form is a release for a background check.

Dues are $80/year for adult leaders.

Reimbursement Form

Did you incur expenses on behalf of the troop? Fill out this form to be reimbursed.

Scoutmaster Forms

Scoutmaster Conference Form

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