Financial Agreement

This is meant to give a summary of what to expect from the Troop and what the Troop expects of its Scouts and their families.  This is only a summary; you can find more information, in greater detail, under tree lot on the Troop’s website or talking with the Troop’s Treasurer.

Troop’s obligations:

  • The Troop will provide each Scout with their initial Troop scarf, patch set, and Scout book.
  • The Troop will provide equipment for the Scout’s Patrol: tents, lantern, cook gear, supplies, etc.
  • The Troop will pay for a Scout’s summer camp so long as the Scout and his family fulfill the shift requirements outlined in the tree lot section of this site.
  • The Troop will pay for many of the Troop’s outings and campouts and will supplement many others.  This will depend on the success of the tree lot.
  • The Troop will require only one fundraiser for the Troop.  We will sometimes have other fundraising opportunities to pay for large camp outs, optional.  Funds are dispersed for those who participate.

Scout’s and his family’s obligations:

  • Registration fees, currently $125 annually plus $15 if the Scout opts into Scout Life Magazine. If you have never been registered with the BSA, the registration fee is $150..
  • Uniform, Class-A uniform minimum.
  • Camping gear
  • Troop tree lot shifts is the way families support the Troop in its fundraising efforts.  Each Scout and his family will be required to work a minimum number of shifts.  Please find more information in the tree lot section of this site.
  • Troop cook campouts has a $15 fee. This fee is usually only for larger campouts and those camps where the Troop provides the food, and is announced in advance of the campout.  
  • F.O.S. or Friends of Scouting is an annual campaign in February that raises funds for our local scout council.  The importance of this campaign to the Troop is that these funds allow the Troop to camp at council properties free of charge.  This saves the Troop and its families hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars a year.  Furthermore, F.O.S pays for the additional insurance that our Scouts and leaders rely on should our personal insurance not cover 100% of costs due to injury while at Scout activities.  Some families will be able to give more than others but the Troop expects each family to participate.

Code of Conduct