If you are registered with the Troop as either a Scout or Adult leader:
– An account is created for you on troop website with a default login / password.

If you are not registered with the Troop as a Scout or Adult leader:
– Using the registration link on the bottom right
– The troop webmaster reviews and approves (or declines) requests
– You will receive an email upon approval
– Login to the troop351.org
– Select the event you wish to RSVP to from the calendar
– Click the GREEN calendar icon to RSVP; Click the RED calendar icon to delete your RSVP 
– Optionally, you may add additional people with the +n drop down selector  

**  Each event may have limited RSVP windows or number of participants.
Troop351.org is built and managed by the youth of Troop 351. It is tailored to meet the needs of our troop and events.
Scoutbook is built and maintained by Scouts BSA. Troop 351 uses Scoutbook to track advancement.