15 thoughts to “Deschutes River Rafting Trip”

  1. Isabella and mom will be attending. It says Noah but our account is really old and I don’t know how to fix it.

  2. Isaiah and his dad, Mark are attending. We only have one account so RSVP shows 2 Scouts.

  3. Quinn Benoit will attend. Tentatively one adult (either Tom or Erica) will attend as well. We’ll try to get the answer by this Friday.

  4. Siobhan’s account is being wacky and saying she is RSVPd but she’s not appearing on the list. So the 2 under Quinn’s account is for 2 scouts (Siobhan and Quinn M)

  5. Dean and I will be coming to help carpool and camp but not raft. I will have 4 extra seats in the van

  6. Added Alec and Myself (andy), but we have questions related to Swim test that I have asked Mike and Cecil that we may need to take care of first.

  7. Will there be any troop tents available? We would like two. Also, will there be a swim test this week before trip?

  8. Josh Sonnichsen can no longer go. I tried to un-RSVP, but it wouldn’t let me. (Perhaps it’s too close to the outing?)

  9. Quinn Benoit will be attending, but he will not have a parent joining. Please let me know if this is ok. Thanks! – Erica

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