2 thoughts to “Cerberus Patrol Ft. Stevens Camping”

  1. We’ve rented a whole loop of tent sites at Fort Stevens State Park for this weekends camping trip. Because of covid-19 restrictions, everyone should have there own tent and we can have two tents per site so spots are limit to 14 total. We will observe all council recommended covid safety precautions (masking, distancing, etc). Scouts will be responsible for arranging there own transport to and from Fort Stevens State Park.

    This trip is primarily for members of Cerberus patrol, but we might also have room for people needing to work on cooking merit badge.

  2. Here are the rules that came with those hike-in tent sites.
    “Designated parking for one vehicle per site.Campers will have to walk 20-60 yards to their campsite.
    Tent Camping Only
    No sleeping in vehicles.
    No RVs allowed in the tent area.
    Restrooms and water in tent camping area.
    Shower building located in adjacent Loop C, approx. 100 yards from tent sites.
    Maximum 6 people per tent site.”

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