Event Planning

Develop 2 month prep plan w/ Adult mento

1-2 weeks out – Lead scout to get each patrol leader to confirm patrol box is good to go

Lead Scout to confirm specialty gear good to go

2 or more months out – confirm qualified supervision (rifles, rafts, kayaks, climbing)

1-2 months permits required?  How will you ensure you have them?

2 months or more – location reserved?  – T/B Cathy Jones

Is training required?  How will that happen? When? Who? – work with SPL / PLC

1 week before – food?  patrol cook / individual / troop

water? available? potable or nonpotable?

mention 3-4 weeks out – individual specialty gear need?  check lists?

1 month out – additional adult support? minimum 2 adults – confirm needed based on trip type & number of scouts

1-2 weeks out costs?  – who collects money?

last week – final headcount and transportation