Code of Conduct

In the interest of making sure everyone knows what we expect of each other, Troop 351 and 5351, collectively known as Troop 351, has created a guideline of what we expect from its Scouts and their families.

Uniform: This is something that the Scoutmaster is passionate about.  Troop 351 has 2 uniforms.  Scouts must wear a uniform to ALL scout functions.  Class-A, or field uniforms consists of scout pants, button-up scout shirt and scarf.  Class-B or activity uniforms consist of scout pants and any other scout shirt.  Pants can be substituted in both cases for scout shorts if worn with scout socks.  Merit badge sashes should be worn to Courts of Honor award ceremonies.

Conflicts with other extra-curricular activities: Troop 351 believes that every Scout should have a well-rounded childhood experience.  We understand the demands that youth have for their time.  We do not believe that our Scouts should have to give up sports, band, or other clubs because of the time demands of our Troop.  That being said, it would be an abuse of our program to only show up to the biggest and best of our activities without participating in the Troop regularly.  Experience other activities, but please give equal consideration to the Troop.

Advancement is an important part of scouting, but it isn’t everything.  Though there are no advancement requirements to our members, we do expect Scouts to participate in the program being offered.  Enjoy the experience, learn some skills, and advancement will come naturally.

Pay it Forward: In the beginning of your scouting adventure you will benefit from the experience of the older scouts.  After you master scout skills the Troop expects you to set a good example, mentor, and teach newer Scouts.  Furthermore we expect you to serve in leadership positions to benefit the program.

Parent Participation: Scouts and their families will get more out of the program if one or more parents participate in the program.  If you feel you cannot participate in a registered position, committee or scoutmaster, please contribute your efforts in program support like: tree lot planning, transportation, merit badge counselor, Boards of Review, certifications for specialty programs, teams for bigger projects.  Remember “Youth Protection” is required.

Scouts and parents must participate in our annual tree lot fundraiser that supports our program.  Details are better outlined in the Financial Agreement and tree lot section of this site.

Conduct Guidelines:

  1. I will strive to attend all Troop functions.
  2. I will proudly wear my proper uniform to all Scout functions neatly.
  3. I will demonstrate support and cooperation with Troop leadership.
  4. I will eliminate objectionable language.
  5. I will cooperate with others positively.
  6. I will behave in a proper fashion while in public.
  7. I will lead by example.
  8. I will practice teamwork and mutual respect.
  9. I will respect the personal property of individuals and the Troop.
  10. I will not use physical contact or threatening actions.
  11. I will eliminate snide and belittling actions and language, and stop them wherever I see them.
  12. I will not encourage or participate in hazing, including dares.
  13. I will demonstrate an understanding of the Oath and Law by my actions.


  1. No gambling is allowed.  Games are fine but money or property cannot be wagered.
  2. Electronic equipment: radios, video games, ipods, and other entertainment devices are not allowed on Troop activities. Exceptions: Drivers may allow them to and from activities, cell phones are permitted for its camera function. A Cyber Chip must be earned before using any electronic device.
  3. Sheath knives are prohibited. There may be trips where an exception may be made by the Scoutmaster only.  A Totin’Chip must be earned before carrying or using any knife.
  4. Matches, lighters, and strikers are to be used to start campfires, lanterns and cook stoves only, not as toys.  Flames are NEVER allowed in tents.
  5. Liquid gas stoves are not permitted on Troop activities unless teaching merit badges where they are demonstrated.
  6. Theft or destruction of Troop, BSA, personal, or public property will warrant a Discipline Conference.
  7. Repeat: No physical contact; implied or actual.  Physical contact or threatening gestures may result in a Discipline Conference.
  8. Sexual Behavior: As adults, we recognize that scouts are developing their attitudes toward their sexuality.  However, Scout activities are not the appropriate environment for any sexual expressions, including innuendos, experimentation, posturing, judgment of other’s sexuality, etc.
  9. Hygiene: There is no good excuse for a scout to show up for a camp out without having showered and wearing deodorant, especially when the Scout is going to be a guest in another adult’s vehicle.
  10. No drugs or alcohol are allowed at Scout functions.  Scouts taking prescription medicines are to have the parents inform the Scoutmaster so that a Troop adult leader may dispense the medication on outings.  Medications must be in its original container. No scout may possess prescription medication and must turnover possession to an adult leader.
  11. No tobacco is allowed at Scout functions.  Adults on outings are not allowed to smoke in sight of the Scouts.
  12. All fireworks are prohibited.
  13. Firearms are not allowed unless under the close supervision of a certified BSA instructor.
  14. War games (such as paintball) are prohibited.

As long as the Scouts are respectful to his/her fellow Scouts, adult leadership; and abides by the guidelines and rules mentioned there is no need to consider discipline.  However, it is important that the Troop has methods for dealing with circumstances that jeopardizes the program, property, safety, and well-being of the Troop.  If you choose you can find those consequences here.

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Last revised: [02/22/2023]