Hawaii Packing List

What to Wear on the Plane:

  • Class A Uniform
  • Troop 351 Class B shirt under
  • Scout shorts
  • Scout socks
  • Hiking Boots

We are allowing 2 bags – both to be carried onto planes.  Bags must be no larger than 10″H x 17″W x 24″L.  Pack:

  • 4 class B shirts
  • 1 long sleeve lightweight shirt
  • 1 sweatshirt
  • 1 scout zip-off (convertible) pants
  • closed heel shoes (sneakers)
  • 1 rain jacket
  • 1 sleeping clothes
  • 1 travel pillow
  • 1 sleeping linen
  • fleece blanket (if room)
  • 2 brown paper lunch bags
  • In a mesh stuff sack:
    • 7 underwear
    • 3 scout socks
  • In a day pack:
    • empty water bottle
    • 1 swim suit
    • 1 closed toe sandal
    • 1 towel
    • 1 ipod or similar
    • 1 book, deck of cards or similar
    • 1 pen
    • sunglasses in case
    • 1 headlamp with extra batteries
    • $10 cash
  • In a clear ZipLock bag on top of day pack:
    • 1 lip balm
    • 1 hand sanitizer*
    • 1 insect repellant*
    • 2 sunscreen*
    • toothpaste*
    • deodorant*
    • comb/brush
    • soap*
    • toothbrush
    • moleskin
    • shampoo (as much as required for 2 weeks)*

* – Non aerosol; less than 3.4 oz

Mark all items with Scout’s name.








Scout Homeschool Group

May seem like odd timing for those who just ended a school year.  But for those who homeschool, did you know there’s a Boy Scout Homeschool group??  Me neither.  I just discovered this.  See the attached flyer about a homeschool scout picnic on June 25th.  We’re planning on being there.  Any others?


Homeschooling flyer

Patrol Directory

LifeAdam B
ScoutAdar N
TenderfootAidan M
StarAlen W
LifeAlex B
Alex D
LifeAndrew B
Ashton B
ScoutBenson D
Charlie B
First ClassChase S
First ClassChase S
LifeColin C
Colin S
ScoutDaniel T
Desmond G
First ClassDJ S
StarDylan J
StarDylan M
Enrique W
Second ClassEppifanio W
LifeEthan C
LifeEthan N
First ClassFred D
Isaac M
TenderfootJack B
ScoutJack L
StarJacob S
James D
StarJayden K
Joaquin W
First ClassJoel F
Jonah K
First ClassJosh F
TenderfootJosh S
Judson W
Julian S
Levi M
First ClassLincoln M
LifeLuke D
StarLuke E
First ClassLuke J
LifeMatthew U
Noah M
LifeOliver L
Orion U
Owen S
LifePeter F
ScoutReid H
ScoutRosvin R
StarShane M
LifeStanley K
Stanley N
ScoutTrey W
StarZane S
StarZeke S