Adding Activities to Internet Advancement

With Scoutbook, we can have people RSVP. We can then mark attendance for the event.

After attendance has been marked, you can then enter it into Internet Advancement (IA).

Pick Troop Reports
Pick Attendance Report

Ideally this is being done soon after an event so in this case you’d set time more like 5/14/2022 – 5/21/2022.

Mostly we care about Campouts

Press Run to generate a report. Unfortunately it’s broken up by patrol.

In another window or tab, go to Scoutbook, then press the Quick Entry option

Enter Activity Logs

This launches you into IA.

Pick Activities

Click the big blue + sign at top right

For this event, select Camping

Click “Add Person” and add the people who attended. They will be displayed in alphabetical order by last name with the Leaders mixed in with Scouts. We don’t have a way of tracking camping activity in IA for adults who are not Leaders.

If you pick the wrong person, you can’t click to remove them. You need to say cancel and start over. The suggestion on the Scoutbook Forum is not to use the RSVP report but to use the actual event in Scoutbook. That way you’re comparing two lists sorted by last name and that makes it easier.

You have to enter the troops separately. Adult Leaders should only be entered with one troop, otherwise they get counted twice.

After picking the people, enter the information about the event. If it’s a location previously used, IA will auto-fill the info for you.

You can use the Individual tab to record info for somebody who stays for 2 days and 1 night instead of the 3 days and 2 nights that everyone is doing. Just make sure to leave them off the group list.

Using Scoutbook