Big Island Excursions

A compilation of interviews on the best parts of excursions on the Big Island, Hawaii.

Alex, Akaka Falls-“the waterfall looked very cool and beautiful and the hike was nice.”

Two Step Beach

Colin- “Lot of fish and the water was a decent temperature.”

Reid- “I liked that I got to hangout with some cool people snorkeling, and I like the sights that we saw.”

Jack, Waialea Bay- “water salty yummy. yum yum in tum tum”

Carlsmith Beach

Jay- “Cool mix of cool fresh water and and warm pacific water. Weather was super nice.”

Dean- “I almost stepped on like 5 sea urchins, which was funny.”

Marisa- “Different types of sand and the warm water, seeing all the fishes.”

Richardson’s Beach

Cecile- “Being out in the water very far, surprised by black sand and first time In the Ocean in a while.”

Olivia- “Sunny weather and how colorful it was, how happy everybody was and being with friends.”

Fred- “It wasn’t to much of a drive so didn’t lose initial adrenaline, haven’t really snorkeled before so didn’t expect that much and for it to be that cool, an experience I’ve never had before.”

Volcanoes National Park

Josh- “Looked at volcanoes and went through a cave, it was pretty cool.”

Jen- “Lots of flora, liked the flowers, reminded me of my childhood”

Kealakekua Bay

Thea- “Singing in the car, watching my daughter have a wonderful time in the water with friends”

This link leads to the google photo album of the trip, please add photos if you want to and thank you for reading the post. Mahalo!

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